Customers are no longer sifting through magazines, catalogs or direct mail. It’s not about seeing something and buying it on the spot.  Customers are doing online research, check out social profiles, looking for reviews and expecting an intuitive website.

Most of your potential customers will start their digital journey to you via, you guessed it, SEARCH!

Here are a few reasons why the paid side of the search equation along with targeted display remarketing should be a part of your inbound strategy:

paid search & remarketing

  • People are searching for you or your products
    • Don’t you think you should be there and above the fold?
  • Paid Search complements SEO
    • For Branded terms, dominate the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Adding PPC for brand provides another outlet for customers to find what they want most, you.  Having great search resulting in both organic and paid shows that you are a relevant and trusted business. On non-branded terms, appear in new search results or in a better position than one might otherwise.  Thinking about launching a new product? Paid search will have you appearing in SERP results far before organic traffic kicks in.
  • Remind users to come back
    • Have a longer or offline sales process? Use digital remarketing to get folks back to your site. Provide offers and incentives to encourage users to come back. (free shipping, free download, 10% off etc.) Use cost per click (cpc) bidding and only pay for customers that decide to come back to your site.  Enjoy the free branding from users that don’t click the
      ad and might end up search for you later.
  • Change Messaging in Real Time
    • One of the best things about paid search and display is how easily messaging can be changed. Have a special upcoming or seasonal business? Easily swab about ads to get your timely message out.  Use deadlines in copy to create a sense of urgency.
  • Targeting is Scalable
    • Small business only serving a few zip codes? Done, paid search and remarketing can be targeted down to the zip code level. Large multinational business? Done, target various nations in various languages.  For remarketing layer on demographic and interest data as well.
  • Assist other Marketing Channel
    • paid search & remarketingA well rounded digital strategy includes various channels: video, email, direct, referral, social, top funnel display, organic, etc. Paid Search and Display Remarketing focus primarily on customer optimization, getting folks to the right pages and quick and cheaply as possible.  Make sure you understand the entire conversion path when judging marketing channel effectiveness.