Everyone knows Google as a Search Engine but Google’s products include a variety of tools from email services (Gmail), Maps, cloud storage to YouTube and more.  Google’s suite of tools also happens to include the number one traffic analytics tool for websites, Google Analytics, with 82% of the market share and the number one advertising network, with 83% market share.

google analytics and adwords

The best part of Google having the number one ad network and the number one web analytics tool is that they work extremely well together and are free for users. By linking Adwords and Analytics accounts together users are able to quickly able to understand questions related to their marketing campaign strategy and make adjustments in near real time.

Here are a few neat things you can do with Adwords and Analytics together:

  • Import Analytics Site Consumption, Goals and Ecommere Transactions into Adwords
  • Created Custom Remarketing List based on Analytics engagement data
  • Understand how Adwords campaigns, ad and/or keywords drive on site engagement
  • Monitor which ad campaigns drive new site visitors
  • Auto tag all ads (huge time saver)
  • Segment advertising audience demos, interests, geo, technology and behaviors

After realizing all the awesome things a user could do with Adwords and Analytics linked users might be asking what else they can glean from their advertising campaigns.

google analytics and adwords

Find more information about Google Analytics and Adwords best practices and a detailed guide here.